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Why PayWest


History of Service
PayWest has been processing payrolls since 1995, and today there are clients which have over 10 years service with us.  That says a lot about client satisfaction.  Over that time we have worked in an extensive range of industry types, and dealt with the specific requirements of each.

The Staff

David Williams, the owner and founder of PayWest, is an FCPA, together with over 30 years experience in Industrial Relations.

Julie Bellet has over 20 years of industrial experience, including an appointment as a Consultant with Attache Software, Sydney.

These key staff are responsible for maintaining the on-going high standards and reputation of PayWest in the payroll processing sector.

The System
PayWest uses Attache Software for its payroll processing.  This is a high-end payroll package, written and maintained in Sydney, which has a very high reputation in financial circles.  It is robust, comprehensive in its industry applications, and with an update program that always maintains its up-to-date status.

Industrial Advice
We are able to give our clients assistance in working through the myriad of rules and regulations applying to the engagement, proper payment and (maybe) termination of their employed staff.    Although we do not intend to match the advice or service of the industrial associations, we are able to be of assistance at the low level where  this quick and early advice can save an issue from developing into a major problem.
We do offer a specialist service in the proper processes and payments for Terminations, especially Redundancies.

Personal Connection
From our early days we have emphasised the importance of maintaining a personal contact with all of our clients.  We have never sacrificed this personal connection for growth.  It is a feature of our work that our staff is no further away than a phone call from our clients, no matter what time of day.  It is this genuine connection with our clients that sets us apart.

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