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About Us

PayWest has as one of its corporate Objectives the aim to provide a service that is superior to any that an enterprise can provide in-house

It's Mission is be be continually regarded as one of the most professional payroll service providers in the boutique category.

We aim to be different by concentrating our effort into connecting with our Clients such that they will regard us as their own Pay Office.  We want to operate with our Clients such that they will ring us as often and with such matters as they would their pay department if they had one in-house.

We have successfully done that over the past 18 years that we have been operating, and we are proud of the job satisfaction that it gives us, and the worry-free outcomes it has given our Clients.

We welcome all inquiries, and will be pleased to tailor-make an outcome that suits your requirements.

Contact Us

     Phone - 03 9398 0842
     Fax     - 03 9398 0843
     Email  -

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