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Why Outsource


Confidentiality and Security
The personal details of every employee (particularly their salary level and wage payments) are held outside the Client's office.  No-one knows anyone else's business.  This eliminates harmful breaches of confidentiality, whether wilful or otherwise.

Advanced Expertise and Experience
A speciality payroll provider will often provide greater expertise and draw on a broader span of experience that what could be obtained from internal appointments.  The specialist provider is also able to pool the resources and experience of their staff to concentrate on a particular problem or issue.
The payroll team not only has longer experience in processing payroll but also in Accounting/Bookkeeping, Industrail Relations and Computer Systems.

Reliability and Continuity

The specialist payroll service will be provided 52 weeks per year at a constant level of quality.  This is hard to emulate in an in-house system where absenses (annual and personal) and resignations can place great stress on the organisation.  Every in-house Pay Office has to have well trained back-up staff, but that comes at a considerable cost.

Enhanced Internal Control
A significant percentage of payroll fraud can be traced to the in-house Pay Office not having sufficient checks and balances to maintain a high level of Internal Control.  With an external party preparing the payroll the possibility of collusion is virtually eliminated, and an automatic second-check is automatically inserted.

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